Mitchell's Solutionary Essay

            In my mind, the most positive future would be one where I can live with all the same luxuries I do today, but without environmental consequence. I think we are moving in that direction well. People are showing an interest for the efficient stuff. We cannot stop manufacturing, selling, spending, and consuming. We just need to find ways to make them less damaging. Right now, in car commercials. Companies like Toyota and Ford are competing to see who can make the most fuel-efficient vehicle, and they are advertising that. The bragging rights have gone from, “My car has the biggest engine…” to “my car gets the best gas mileage…” If we can continue having this mindset, the damages will repair themselves. There is one significant problem, the amount of natural resources it takes to manufacture efficient stuff generally is more harmful than what the device can save. Most fuel-efficient cars have to be shipped from Japan. Also, while the efforts being made by the solutionaries are great, the new technology may be a bit out of price-range for many people, there are also the people who have the philosophy that just continuing to use the old, inefficient device is more sustainable than getting something new. This poses a danger to capitalist society. Capitalism is fueled by competition to make a better thing. Then people go buy the better thing, and the cycle repeats. If people don’t take that step to buy the better thing, capitalism falls apart, and then the efforts to innovate become with less motive. I personally believe that it takes the force that caused the problem to solve it, and in this case, capitalism was that force.
            My passion, as many know, is cars. But it’s not just cars. It’s vehicles in general. I work in the transportation industry. I run a diesel boat that burns less than 1/8 of a cup of diesel per hour at cruising speed. I learned by running that boat, that how it’s driven can determine how efficient it is. In stop and go traffic, cars use more gas. For the time being, until we have renewable energy, it may be worth it to educate the public on driving a little more efficiently. When I had my permit, I was able to achieve 27 miles per gallon in a car that was listed for 18, just by using a high gear and driving behind another car. People actually have been known to make a motorsport out of this. People drive their Priuses a certain distance and see who has the most fuel left at the end. In the future, for me, I will strive to find ways to encourage efficient living, while still enjoying the luxuries of capitalism.

            I have never felt hopeless about this issue. Science has proven over thousands of years the people evolve and change when they are forced to. I am confident that with the amount of efforts that people are making in the community right now, that there is not doubt we will be able to make something work. We’ve done a good job implanting the sustainable mentality in American people, so I believe that if sustainable stuff becomes “In”, we’re all set. The change will be difficult, and I think that people need to stop trying to force the change on immediately. But, like I said, we are on a good path, and I am hopeful that this will lead to my vision of a “perfect future.”