Maggie's Solutionary Essay

They say ignorance is bliss. And it’s true, it is much easier to simply shut your eyes than to be aware of all the things, some good, some terrible, happening in the world around us. However, to be ignorant helps no one, not even yourself. It may be easier, but it is not better. We need to open up to everything that goes on around us, so that we can appreciate the good, and fix the bad. People who are aware have two choices; to become pessimistic and accept the world the way that it is, or to choose the positive route and change things. Being a solutionary is all about change, for the better. It’s about seeing what is wrong with the world, and taking the steps to make it better, no matter how small those steps are. I don’t think there is one way to fix the world. But if we all become solutionaries, we can take on our issues, one step at a time.
My vision of a positive future is one without war. I know that this is unrealistic, but in this positive future, somehow people have figured out a way to get along. However, a danger of this would be that people could lose their individuality. If everyone had the same ideas and agreed on every topic, sure, we would no longer have wars, but innovation and personality would also cease. So my idea of a perfect future would be one in which people still disagreed, had different opinions, but worked them out in a diplomatic, peaceful way. In order for this to happen, we have to create a system where everyone has a say. We cannot just create the United Nations, which consists of only the countries that are accepted to it. We need to create an entirely global, accepting program where everyone is heard. We have to change our mentality from self absorption to thinking about what everyone needs. 
Another thing we need to change in order to have a positive future, or indeed any future, is a problem that has been gained a lot of attention as of late; and that is our relying on fossil fuels. The topic of fossil fuels is the most heated debate in the world, and the cause of many wars. Now, we are running out of fossil fuel, which will only cause more disputes on who gets it, and how much it should cost. I don’t think there is any way to fix this problem except for quitting fossil fuels cold turkey, and learning to rely on other modes of energy. It will be difficult to make that transition, but the sooner we learn to live without oil, the better. 
As a solutionary, the promise I make is awareness. I refuse to be blind to what is happening around me. I want to be constantly learning about my world, and how to fix what has broken. I consider myself relatively aware now, but one thing I would like to change is my reaction to what goes on around me. I would not call myself a pessimistic person, but I wouldn’t really categorize myself in the optimist group either. Being aware of the world is one thing, but finding hope in all the trouble is another. I want to focus on hope, and working towards the betterment of myself and the world I live in. I also want to become a doer. Instead of just thinking about ways I can help others and the planet, I want to commit to actually doing them.

I do have hope for the planet and for mankind. I think that this solutionaries project opened my eyes to a new way of viewing the world, and a new kind of hope. Do I think my perfect future is ever going to happen? Probably not. But I do believe that we can begin our journey to a better one. However, time is of the essence. If we don’t begin improving fast, we could lose that grain of hope. I know we’ve already begun, but we need to step it up. I know we can do it.