Emil's Solutionary Essay

                A positive future, for me, entails many things: a planet without pollution, social harmony throughout the world, an absence of hunger and a much more. What I just described, however, is not my vision of a positive near future. The points described above must be achieved through an extended period of time. Before that, we need a key to that positive future. This key is international collaboration.
                The only way to rid the world of its problems is to rid the world of the forces that prohibit us from solving the problems. I believe the most significant force not allowing us to solve problems is a lack of cooperation throughout our world today. At this very moment, there is a civil war in Syria with millions of people in dire need of aid, a terrorist group in Nigeria is attempting to take down the government and guarantee civil unrest for the next decade, our planet is slowly dying because of global warming and many are starving in Central Africa. Besides these issues, there are countless others endangering human life as well as the sustainable future of the planet. All of these problems can be solved with complete international cooperation on solving these issues.
                Imagine if the United Nations were not only more productive in making decision, accessing issues on morals, rather than on politics. The crisis in ex-Yugoslavia could have been significantly less harmful if the international community would have stepped in sooner and Iran would not be a problem if an international entity such as the UN had complete control of the situation ten years prior. If the world could collaborate on all of the issues that currently plague our planet then we can have some potential to achieve my long-term positive future that I described in the first paragraph.
                Achieving this future would be immensely difficult as no country would want to even consider putting their complete trust into different world powers. If we look at small scale collaborations, though, we will find that a system like this would work. Let’s look at the United States. Fifty states are all represented in Washington, where decisions are made on the different ways to govern the nation. The system is effective and has worked for a while now. If world powers could make the same effort and put more faith in an organization like the United Nations, then many environmental, military and social problems could easily be avoided.
                The one problem that this system may encounter is a bureaucracy that is too big to be effective. This problem, however, would not be too big of an issue because the various representatives of countries would have world interests in mind, rather than their own.
                International affairs have been of large interest for me personally as I lived in three different countries so far. Viewing the news makes me sad about the current state of the world and I plan on taking solid strides perhaps in the United Nations, perhaps in the US government in making the world a friendlier and more cooperative place.
                I think that while this is a very far fetched idea, because the world is becoming increasingly interconnected a person from Mexico will share much in common with a person from anywhere else in the world. With that, I believe that our ideals and beliefs will become increasingly similar which could foster a new environment of international collaboration and solid strides to solving the world’s problems.